about vwp


Working jointly as a team leaves you with results that seamlessly connect together. Though photographs capture brief hints of your special day, additionally, a video recording captures the atmosphere, the emotions and the beautiful fleeting moments of life. Special moments, such as hearing the vows, the father dancing with his daughter and the best man giving his toast are memories that are worth reliving.  We use creative camera work, audio engineering, artistic editing, the correct blend of effects and transitions to deliver a piece of art that will move you to laughter, tears, and the amazing feeling that comes with great memories.

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Cinematographer's Note

"My passion is about quality and I always look forward to hand crafting beautiful wedding films for my clients. My style of work is natural, candid emotion using the latest and greatest of equipments."  –Aro Arakelyan

Photographer’s Note

"I absolutely love what I do! I enjoy all the experiences with the wonderful people I meet. I am so grateful for the talent God has blessed me with and the amazing opportunities I am given." 
–Inga Arakelyan



We love delivering only the greatest quality of work, therefore we rely on an outstanding group of creatives that support us. As a team, we are educated professionals that collectively have experienced a vast variety of weddings and lifestyle events.